XPize Darkside

XPize Darkside 2.1

Complete visual overhaul for Windows XP


  • Very easy to install and uninstall
  • Includes DLL patching and restoration point
  • You can choose which elements to install and which not


  • Modifies system files: don't forget to use the restoration point option

Very good

With only three colors to choose from (blue, silver and olive green) it's easy to get bored of the standard Windows XP visual theme. Luckily you can now give it a sleek dark appearance with XPize Darkside.

Like other theme packs such as the original XPize or Vistamizer, XPize Darkside lets you fully customize Windows XP's look and feel in just a few clicks. The theme is installed via a wizard-like interface that lets you choose exactly which elements (log-on and log-off screens, screensavers, icons, cursors, wallpapers and the likes) you want to use and which ones you prefer to leave out.

As you can see, it's more of a visual overhaul, rather than a system update. In any case, as some important files are actually edited, XPize Darkside creates a restoration point before applying any change to the system.

After installation, a system restart is all you need to do in order to see your Windows XP with a brand new elegantly dark design, including new icons, wallpaper and screensaver. Besides all graphical eye candy, XPize Darkside also includes a program - TaskSwitchXP – that upgrades the Alt-Tab app switching dialog window.

XPize Darkside is a complete, easy-to-install visual theme that will give a sleek dark appearance to your Windows XP.

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XPize Darkside


XPize Darkside 2.1

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